Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error

Windows USB device not recognized errors can have various causes. But for the most common causes there are easy solutions. If you can not fix your USB device not recognized error, try there solutions to get rid of the error and start using your USB device error-free again.

FreePCCleaner Software

Although there are quite a few registry cleaners around, there is always room for one more. Today we look at FreePCCleaner, which is as they name indicates a free pc cleaner. It can clean and defragment your registry and optimize the computer startup.

Optimize VLC for Video Playback

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Playing movies in VLC on an older computer can cause performance problems. To improve the video playback with VLC, you can change a setting to improve the performance by increasing the priority.

Solved: Outlook 2010 Not Marking Emails as ‘Replied’

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My PC crashed the other day. I know, BUMMER! After re-installing everything, I noticed that in Outlook 2010, I was not seeing the REPLY mark or icon that marks emails I’ve replied to. You know, that little purple arrow pointing to the left that tells me that I’ve already addressed a particular message. This is […]

Optimize your laptop’s battery performance

Don’t you hate it when you run out of power on your laptop just when you are about to finish watching a movie or completing some work? The right information about your battery status can help you plan ahead, but even better is controlling your laptop operations to optimize the use of the battery.

Do You Use Software to Make a Slide Show?

Create your personal slide shows from your photos, so you can present your photos in a movie based slideshow rather than a manually triggered display of individual photos. Using this freeware slide show maker software you can add music, transitions, and save the slideshow as a movie.

QuickPCOptimizer Review

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Dealing with a slow Windows PC can be a drag. Even if you only install programs that you really require, performance can degrade over time. Windows has some ways of dealing with PC optimization, but using a 3rd party program to help you optimize your PC can be a good idea. We reviewed QuickPCOptimizer as one of the candidates for this task.