How to Customize Application Menus in Adobe Photoshop Cs2

December 6, 2007 by
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  1. Go to the Edit menu and then click the Menus option.
  2. Click the Menus tab.
  3. Click the down arrow of the Set field to show list of main menus to customize.
  4. Click the down arrow of the Menu For field to show the types of menu to modify.
  5. Select any of the application menu commands to preview its contents. To hide a menu item, click the Visibility button. Click the empty Visibility button to display it.
  6. To add color to a menu item, select the color swatch and choose the desired color.
  7. Then, save your changes.
    1.  Click the Save Set button to save all changes to the current set of menus.
    2.  Click the Save Set As button to create a new set based on the modifications you just made.
  8. Click the OK button.


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