CES 2010 Preview – Day One

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As many geeks around the world know, CES 2010 has officially begun in Las Vegas, NV. It’s the annual conference where companies from all over the globe show off their brand new gadgets: computers, netbooks, notebooks, mobile platforms, smart phones and almost any and every gadget you can think of.

As I covered in Moxie Mo Show #119, the main themes of this year’s CES will cover mobile platforms, geo-location and GPS devices and apps as well as the obvious (new netbooks, notebooks and powerful desktops).

Google announced today that they have a major announcement in the smartphone area: the Nexus One will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday, January 5th) and reports are already claiming this will be another iPhone killer. So what makes this smart phone so buzzworthy? According to CNN’s Money.com, “The Nexus One smartphone will be wider but slimmer than Apple’s iPhone and faster than Motorola’s Droid, according to a review by tech blog Engadget. The new smartphone was built by mobile device maker HTC, but the specifications were all ordered by Google. It will run Google’s Android 2.1 software on a lightning-fast processor.”

Another big force that will prevail at CES 2010 is 3D technology in the home theater space. JVC and Samsung have already previewed their choice for 3D glasses that they will use for their 3D LCD HD TVs that are expected to be a big buzz in 2010.

As always, I will be covering CES 2010 daily so come back to PC Authorities to check out the latest and greatest in this awesome week!


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  1. CES 2010 Preview – Day One on Tue, 23rd Feb 2010 4:04 pm
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  3. PIC Programmer on Wed, 17th Nov 2010 5:15 am
  4. home theathers with 5.1 system sounds really great specially if you add those 12 inch subwoofers ‘::

  5. Evan Foster on Thu, 2nd Dec 2010 8:18 pm
  6. i would always prefer to use netbooks when i am on the move because they are so very convenient to carry around ;”‘

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