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Nobody wants his or her computer slowing down and I am no exception.
But some of the methods I found usually have a price tag on them so I
looked for ways to speed up my PC for free. I hope these PC tips help
you too!

Speed Up My PC for Free Tip #1: Hard Disk Maintenance

One reason I found why a computer slows down is because of poor hard disk maintenance. There are tools that can help me speed up my pc for free. As I was browsing the internet, I have read that most of the versions of Microsoft Windows have built-in utilities to speed up my pc for free.

Disk Defragmenter is one of the built-in utilities of Microsoft Windows. The main function of this application is to ‘connect’ fragmented files and disk space of your hard disk. By doing this, everything in your hard disk will be sequentially arranged for easy access. This is the first Windows utility that I discovered to speed up my pc for free.

Another built-in utility of Microsoft Windows that can help me speed up my pc for free is the Disk Cleanup utility. Every time you browse the internet, install files, and do other processes, Windows automatically creates temporary files. These files can take up disk space thus cluttering up your hard disk. These are the targets of Disk Clean Up utility. It cleans up the hard disk of these temporary contents to avoid hard disk cluttering. This is the second Windows utility that I discovered to speed up my pc for free.

Speed Up My PC for Free Tip #2: Internet Speed Boost

When I said “speed up my pc,” I mean speeding up not just the computer per se, but also my Internet Connection. Unfortunately, there are no built-in utilities in Windows that can help me speed up my pc for free in this department. So again, I searched the Internet for software that could help me with my dilemma. I found a plethora of free software claiming to be able to speed up my pc. I tried some of them but to my dismay, most of them did not have any effect.

Try them anyway as you never know if one will work with your system or not. Just be careful!

Speed Up My PC for Free Tip #3: Try Free Performance Scan Tools Offered by Speed Up My PC Utilities

I’ve downloaded many tools and somehow by the user interface alone, I get disappointed! Luckily, I found one that was quite ‘pleasing to the eye’ (professional design) AND was easy to use (intuitive design). I used the free performance scan and it said I have thousands of stuff on my PC that was causing it slow down. Well, I ended up purchasing the software and to my great joy… it did speed up my pc! I was happy with the results it gave me.

These are the ways I did to speed my pc for free… well, almost free.


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