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In today’s age of mass software, shareware and freeware, it’s easy to get a lot of programs on your PC that you no longer need. But it’s not as easy uninstalling those programs at times. Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve uninstalled a program only to still see it show up in your program/applications list? Deleting doesn’t work, uninstalling it via Windows doesn’t work, nothing does! It can be very frustrating.

Well, I decided to try the Perfect Uninstaller which claims to make uninstalling software the easiest it can be. They also claim to do other things which you’ll see below. So, here we go!

To begin, I wanted to test this software on the slowest PC that I have (2001 Dell with hardly any RAM and running Windows XP) to gauge if this software truly worked on the slowest of machines.

Once you’ve downloaded Perfect Uninstaller, you can try out their free demo or register a full edition copy for $34.95. Perfect Uninstaller says their software can uninstall/remove any unwanted applications on your PC, forcibly remove unwanted programs that can’t be uninstalled completely by other means, clear registry entries and drivers that applications typically leave on your computer and completely remove Adobe Reader, McAfee, AOL Toolbar, AVG Anti-virus and Norton 2006/2007 that are much more difficult for a standard PC user to uninstall.


The download is quick and easy to obtain at the company’s website and it’s only a 1.7M sized file. Once you’ve downloaded the setup EXE file to your desktop, you’ll instantly be taken into a setup installation wizard that makes installation simple and quick. After it’s installed and you’ve accepted the licensing agreement, you’re on your way to uninstalling software!

perfect uninstaller review

Perfect Uninstaller Main Screen

You’ve just installed Perfect Uninstaller and you’re at the main screen:

perfect uninstaller main screen

As you can see, every application that’s on my PC is listed in the drop down menu in the middle of the main screen (I will call this the application window). You can click on View in the top toolbar to switch between icon view and list view. The icon view basically replaces your application window with icons of all the applications you have. The list view simply lists the applications in the application window as shown in the screenshot. Lets discuss the toolbar that’s on the top of the main screen, so you can see all the options that Perfect Uninstaller has:

perfect uninstaller features

Uninstall – This is the icon you click if you want to do a typical uninstall of any application listed in the application window (an example is below).

Force Uninstall – Like I said earlier, don’t you hate it when Windows’ add/remove doesn’t fully work on a stubborn program? Well, I’m here to tell you that even uninstall programs like Perfect Uninstaller can’t always uninstall a stubborn application. Force Uninstall takes care of that. It uses brute force to delete the application once and for all. I tried this on a program I was having issues with and lo and behold, it did actually uninstall it.

Special Uninstall – Perfect Uninstaller provides you with a list of applications that are considered “special” to uninstall. Perfect Uninstaller includes a special uninstall process for each of these applications. This list is independent of whether or not the application is installed on you system. If you have a specific application that’s not listed in Special Uninstall, all you have to do is easily fill out the form with your information and you will receive a response within 2 business days (see screenshot below):

perfect uninstaller special uninstall

Lets continue discussing the tool bar…

Startup Manager- Through this button you can access a application startup manager. This gives you control over applications that are executed at Windows startup. Using a checkbox in front of each application you can enable or disable the application.

Clear It – Clicking on this icon will remove any application from the Windows registry. You can use this after you have uninstalled an application using the standard Windows uninstall, and it is still listed in the Add/Remove programs list.

Refresh – The refresh button will refresh your application window ensuring you are keeping an up-to-date view of the applications still on your computer.

Register- This is the button that will bring you to a licensing screen for unlocking the programs complete functionality.

Update- Clicking this button will check for a program update. If you do not want to program to check for updates automatically (through the Options), you can manually check for program updated using this button.

Uninstall Example

So now that we’ve covered the main interface as well as the toolbar, it’s time to show you just how easy it is to remove an application on your PC. In this example, we decided to uninstall AIM 6.0. Perfect Uninstaller literally makes this as simple as it gets with three easy steps. You tell it which application to uninstall and it does the rest! Check out these three steps below.

Step One – Click on AIM 6.0 as the program you wish to uninstall (as in the screenshot below)

how to use perfect uninstaller

Step Two – Once AIM 6.0 is identified, Perfect Uninstaller will provide you specific information to the application, if available. (In this case, it was not)

how to use perfect uninstaller

Step Three – Now the uninstall wizard will do the rest, ensuring three simple steps. It will begin using the original application’s uninstall program. It will then scan your Windows registry and delete the application from all entries and then lastly, it will scan your computer’s harddrive for any left over files (screenshot below).

how to use perfect uninstaller

As you can see, Perfect Uninstaller successfully uninstalled and began removing AIM 6.0 and then it began scanning my hard drive to ensure that there were no lingering AIM files. Overall, the entire process (including scanning my hard drive) took approximately 3 minutes for AIM to be fully removed from my computer. I was impressed I must say. This process takes just a few minutes.

how to use perfect uninstaller

Finally, the last step shows Perfect Uninstaller has officially been deleted, removed and completely cleared from my PC. Once that was complete, I got a final confirmation that AIM 6.0 has been fully removed:

uninstall unwanted software

I’ve had the pleasure of using other uninstaller applications, but most of them do not include a Windows registry clean and fix as well. I’ve found this software to be fantastic and would recommend any PC user to have this in his/her arsenal. Considering this software has a free demo for you to try, you can’t go wrong with at least trying it. If you have some major issues uninstalling software, or simply install and uninstall tons of software, the price of $34.95 for Perfect Uninstaller is definitely worth it.

CLICK HERE to download Perfect Uninstaller!


65 Comments on Perfect Uninstaller – Full Review

  1. Dan on Fri, 12th Sep 2008 12:42 pm
  2. I have Revo Unistaller and was wondering, in your opinion, if you can tell me which uninstaller might be better, Revo or Perfect Uninstaller??

    Thank you

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  3. Leonard Fisher on Wed, 12th Nov 2008 4:51 pm
  4. I’ve tried to download Prfect Uninstaller and my AVG antivirus blocks ths process stating there is a Trojan in the file. Is this the case or does AVGT not like Perfect Uninstaller? Advise please..

  5. david nigro on Sun, 11th Jan 2009 12:20 am
  6. I have been attempting to contact the support dept at perfect uninstaller to aquire a refund since the program did not resolve my computer problems but I have not been able to get any response from them. Could you be of any help?

    Thank you,

    Dave Nigro

  7. Igor on Mon, 12th Jan 2009 12:32 am
  8. I try to install Perfect Uninstaller, but Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, state, that this is potentially dangerous program. It does not have a digital signature, has a high danger rating. Any suggestion.
    Thank you,

  9. Ollie on Tue, 3rd Feb 2009 5:47 pm
  10. I keep receiving warnings about this containing a virus, so I choose not to install, but I’m really staruggling to remove MSN messenger (trying to dowgrade, butt hey don’t make it easy – just had to complete a system restore after I foillowed some dubiopus online instructions)

    Has anyone come across any other software that will easily remove MSN messegner, with out it raping my laptop? (I’m on XP)

  11. Ollie on Tue, 3rd Feb 2009 6:05 pm
  12. Revo worked a charm – by bye MSN (not to find an old version that still works without it insisting on updating to the latest version)

    Many thanks to Dan 12th September 2008 for making me aware of this jem – I can stop bashing my head against the desk now.

  13. Anthony on Wed, 4th Feb 2009 10:42 am
  14. @Ollie – The perfect uninstaller files are incorrectly flagged as a virus, this is called a false positive. The problem is that antivirus programs work with signatures in files to recognize a virus. If a program is compiled and linked (to produce the EXE), such a signature can be generated unintentionally. The AV software will flag it, even though it is not containing a virus.

    This is unfortunate of course, and is being addressed, so it will not happen anymore.

    Glad you found a solution in Revo, both products are good, we just prefer Perfect Uninstaller based on our testing and their support.


  15. Anthony on Wed, 4th Feb 2009 10:44 am
  16. @Dave – Hope you got your reply by now. You can contact support at

    E-mail me if you still need help.


  17. Patrica on Wed, 11th Feb 2009 10:35 am
  18. MSN seems easy to uninstall with Perfect Uninstaller ‘s function Force Uninstall.

  19. Shelly on Wed, 25th Feb 2009 10:01 am
  20. Works, glad to own it, for it helps me remove Norton

  21. John Richards on Sat, 4th Apr 2009 6:33 pm
  22. I purchased this program a few days ago. It does not work.. I tried to remove two programs, it didn’t work. I tried a third time to remove a simple program. Didn’t work.

  23. Anthony on Sat, 4th Apr 2009 10:38 pm
  24. @John – Interesting, since we used the program to uninstall quite a few programs and it worked like a charm every time.

    Care to share which programs you tried to uninstall?


  25. Charles Bakey on Thu, 9th Apr 2009 2:13 pm
  26. I purchased a licence for Perfect Unstaller but have not recieved a Key to activate the program. Will I have to stop payment on the credit card. What gives?

  27. Anthony on Thu, 9th Apr 2009 11:33 pm
  28. @Charles Bakey – Try their webform and submit a request for your serial.


  29. joseph on Wed, 15th Apr 2009 2:53 pm
  30. this uninstaller is yet working but unfortunately it scans to a nonsense directories in my hard drive.

    the program should be conscious enough with time and reliability. for instance if i will try to remove kaspersky and so the software should only search directories, registry entries, and etc related to kaspersky not that i’ll search the whole registry, that is WTF for me!

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  31. Nancy on Thu, 16th Apr 2009 6:22 pm
  32. I think it should scan all the registry information just as an anti-virus program scans all the files to identify the spywares. Why not anti-virus programs just only scan spyware? The directories are not the only parts to scan, it should scan the all the information on PC relataed to the program to uninstall, to remove completely.

  33. Jake on Tue, 21st Apr 2009 9:38 am
  34. WORKS! Hey, don’t know who you guys are but thanks.

    I installed some software for SEO and it keeps bugging me! I just couldn’t get rid of it. It didn’t have an Un-install feature so I tried window’s Add/Remove feature but the darn thing’s like a cat with 9 lives and keeps showing. Tried this Perfect Uninstaller just now and it’s finally gone! Woo-hoo…

  35. Doug Jensen on Thu, 30th Apr 2009 7:14 pm
  36. Seems to me that an uninstaller should detect the beginning of an install, then record everything the installer does, so if you want to uninstall, the uninstaller can undo everything the installer did. (Of course, the uninstaller should also have a good database of programs since so many come pre-installed on a pc.)

  37. Carolyn McIntyre on Fri, 8th May 2009 5:35 pm
  38. Perfect Uninstaller website says “free download” but in order to complete an uninstall you must purchase the software. So, where’s the “free” part?

  39. Anthony on Fri, 8th May 2009 5:52 pm
  40. @Carolyn – I understand your question, but that is really a such common marketing slogan these days. You can download the software, install it and run it, but it will only have limited functionality.
    Jeff did list the price in the review though.


  41. Jacko on Sun, 17th May 2009 11:42 am
  42. I purchased Perfect Uninstaller in April 2009 & found it to be an excellent programme. However I am just experiencing a problem with Spybot,as soon as I open Perfect Uninstaller, Spybot removes the initial starting file for Perfect Uninstaller which prevents it loading & saying Perfect Uninstaller is malicious. Although Spybot gives an option to prevent this happening, it does not work.& I have to reinstall Perfect Uninstaller again. This is very annoying & the only option I have is to uninstall Spybot which cures the problem, but I like Spybot & would like to continue using it. Any assistance regarding this problem would be appreciated.
    Regards Jacko.

  43. Anthony on Mon, 18th May 2009 9:37 am
  44. @Jacko – Glad you like the software. Based on your feedback I checked with the vendor and they claim to have contacted the Spybot vendor already and received confirmation that Perfect Uninstaller is flagged as a false positive (this happened earlier in other spyware checkers as well, and is based on the EXE signature).
    Spybot will remove Perfect Uninstaller from the list in future updates, so if you wait for the next update, it should be possible to run both software packages without problems.


  45. fred on Wed, 3rd Jun 2009 8:24 pm
  46. i have perfect uninstaller on my pc and it pops up as soon as i start my machine wich is a little bit anoying. i have tried to contact them through the help menu but all i get on the screen is page not found. any suggestions

  47. Anthony on Wed, 3rd Jun 2009 10:15 pm
  48. @fred – That is weird, as far as I know the program does not have an option to execute at startup. You can use the “Startup Manager” in the program itself to see if perfect uninstaller is listed there, although it shouldn’t.

    Apart from that you can check your Windows Startup folder (in the Start menu, All Programs) and see if it is listed there. Simply remove it if it is there and it should not start.

    The help function brings me here:
    So if you have a working internet connection, that should work.


  49. jfbooth on Wed, 10th Jun 2009 11:02 pm
  50. I have Java 6 update 14 installed on my XP machine. It does NOT show up in Add/Remove programs. I would try Perfect Uninstaller if I was confident it would uninstall Java 6 14 but I have my doubts. If it doesn’t, I do not want to go through a refund nightmare. From what I have read, doesn’t sound promising. Do any of the users see Java 6 listed as uninistallable with PU? At least I would know it finds it and considers it uninstallable. Thanx.

  51. Anthony on Thu, 11th Jun 2009 9:08 pm
  52. @jfbooth – Just checked for you. I have Java 6 update 13 on a Vista Home Premium machine and that (together with update 3 and 5) is listed in Perfect Uninstaller. But they also all come up in the Add/Programs in the Control Panel…


  53. jfbooth on Thu, 11th Jun 2009 9:13 pm
  54. Thank you, Anthony. Something very weird happened. The WEB java update said update 13 is current, but a Java Console update says update 14. For some reason, with 14, it does not show in Add/Remove. So … whether or not Perfect will see it is still questionable. I am going to wait until 14 is available to download and reinstall it, hoping it will then show up in Add/Remove.

  55. Grandma Lavarsha on Thu, 11th Jun 2009 11:39 pm
  56. I am a senior citizen and really all I know how to do is email, use my ancestry program, and search the web and I am whiz at all three.
    There is a bunch of stuff on this eMachine T3256 I don’t use but don’t know what it is or does. I got real gutsy last week and decided to remove MS Office Pro 2003 and the previous owners user information (from 5 years ago).
    My PC is now giving me lots of error messages so obviously I didn’t do one or more things correctly.
    I am ready to buy Perfect Uninstaller and think my PC will be happy about it.
    My Questions :
    (1) are the installation and subsequent instructions simple and easy to understand for non-savvy PC user ???
    (2) I first considered buying RegCure but I think this would be a better first choice ?

  57. jfbooth on Thu, 11th Jun 2009 11:51 pm
  58. Grandma, .. when you ‘removed’ MS Office Pro 2003, did you do it through Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs or from the UNINSTALL icon for it? If either, it SHOULD have removed cleanly and properly with no aftermath ‘problems’. Apparently, it did not. If you simply deleted the folders, that may explain the problems. Have to UNINSTALL old software, not simply delete it. If you went with either ‘standard routine’, Add/Remove or UNINSTALL, I fear it is considered ‘removed’ and therefore, none of these ‘removers’ will be able to remove it … it is already declared ‘removed’.

    Mostly, these products do a more complete job of uninstalling things than the ‘regular’ uninstall routines .. but they all have to start with an installed product.

    Perfect Uninstaller MIGHT fix the problem, but I am not familiar with it so cannot say for sure. The fact you have to pay for it before you know it will work worries me. I have my doubts it will help you. You can gamble the cost of the product and if it does not do what you expect, you can ‘deal with’ getting a refund. I have my doubts.

  59. jfbooth on Thu, 11th Jun 2009 11:57 pm
  60. Just realized I did not answer your specific question. Again, I am not familiar with Perfect Installer, but I would reasonably assume installation is easy and using it is intuitive. I think you would download it, and either save it to your desktop or RUN it when the RUN or SAVE window opens. If you choose to save it to desktop, once saved, click on its icon. It will PROBABLY install easily and then scan your system showing you ‘things’ it is able to uninstall.

    I make these assumptions based on typical downloaded installations.

  61. Anthony on Fri, 12th Jun 2009 11:02 am
  62. @Grandma Lavarsha – Uninstall programs remove the application, and clean up anything related to it. RegCure is a registry cleaner, which does not uninstall anything, it only cleans the registry. This could solve some of your errors though.

    Regarding the errors resulting from the uninstall of MS Office Pro 2003, it you can list a few of the errors, we might be able to provide the most likely solution to them.



  63. Dennis Dickerson on Thu, 23rd Jul 2009 1:41 pm
  64. PC MightyMax is a mal-ware problem. The solutions use the same pitch. Just spend $35 dollars and it will fix the problem. Even MightyMax says buy me and I will let you uninstall. Why does Microsoft remain silent on MightyMax? This is a real sales loop, you could begin buying removers to remove the removers. Google is not sorting out the junk here, there is no way to tell who is legit. Of course everyone says, ” I am.”

  65. Anthony on Fri, 24th Jul 2009 9:50 am
  66. @Dennis Dickerson – That is why we reviewed Perfect Uninstaller and not mightymax. Try doing a google search on both and you will see the difference, most for mightymax is pretty negative stuff, which is not the case for Perfect Uninstaller.
    We hope the reviews help in selecting good software, but in the end you have to decide for yourself. Good products will uninstall without problems and offer refunds as well.

  67. pamela on Sat, 15th Aug 2009 5:23 pm
  68. I tried to uninstall McAfee using this program twice. Each time windows had an unexpected shutdown and I had to restart in safe mode.
    Instead of the regular uninstall I tried force uninstall with the same result.
    3 questions:
    1) Has my computer been damaged
    2) How can I uninstall McAfee ‘free trial’
    3) How do I uninstall PerfectUninstaller

  69. Anthony on Wed, 26th Aug 2009 12:51 am
  70. @pamela – Antivirus software can be hard to remove, sometimes the Windows Add/Remove function does not work, and apparently even PerfectUninstaller failed in your case.
    1) The main problem you have is a configuration problem. Once you fully remove McAfee it should be fine again. Run a cleanup after it in any case.
    2) You can try the removal tool from McAfee itself, hopefully that will work.
    3) PerfectUninstaller can simply be removed through the Windows Add/Remove function in the Control Panel.

  71. d7murray on Wed, 16th Sep 2009 3:30 am
  72. I wondered if this software is licensed to only one computer, or can it be used on PC and laptop? and just, btw, in your opinion, is a Norton’s or McAfee’s even necessary these days, what with browser and ISP improving their own security?
    Thanks in advance.

  73. Anthony on Wed, 16th Sep 2009 3:25 pm
  74. @d7murray – Normally a license applies to one computer, but I believe Perfect Uninstaller currently offers a 3 computer license for the price of one license.
    Having said that, the software does not require activation, you enter the serial and register. This means that you can actually use it on multiple computers, but be aware that this is not allowed according to the license.

    Regarding the AntiVirus software, I would definitely not simply rely on browser and ISP security. They don’t actively scan files for viruses, they can help against spam, phishing, but won’t prevent viruses and malware in general.
    So be safe and use an antivirus software. If you don’t like Norton and McAfee, have a look at AVG or Avira, who both have very good free versions.

  75. ajay on Sun, 4th Oct 2009 12:11 pm
  76. i purchased this 3 hours ago still no activation code, its said i would get in a ‘moment’ how long does it take for them to email me my code?

  77. Sue on Thu, 12th Nov 2009 3:31 am
  78. I have been having a problem uninstalling microsoft silverlight in order to install a newer version. I get error messages everytime I try to uninstall. Will Perfect Uninstaller take care of this problem? The error messages that I get are “The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that hte source exists and that you can access it.” AND, The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailabe. “

  79. Anthony on Thu, 12th Nov 2009 3:45 pm
  80. @Sue – Not sure if Perfect Uninstaller will solve that issue for you, I have not run into that error, nor tried to resolve it with the program.
    You might get results from using the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility as indicated in the Silverlight Uninstall article.
    Hopefully you can reinstall Silverlight after that.

  81. Deb Rothweiler on Sun, 3rd Jan 2010 9:08 pm
  82. I just used Perfect Installer. It did remove Mcafee when McAfee could not uninstalled. But it has created a number of other problems with my computer and now I am desperate.

    When finished, it said that my windows xp was not recognizable and that I needed to install the 3 disk program to get legitimate files. My computer came with xp installed, so I do have the XP program. I chose to proceed with the files as is. The computer was working well except suddenly I was unable to open any of my Microsoft Office programs or files. It kept telling me that I did not have a correct registry. I shut down the computer/restarted, and now it will not allow me to log on as the owner.

    What do I need to do

  83. Anthony on Sun, 3rd Jan 2010 11:01 pm
  84. @Deb Rothweiler – First time I see such problems after someone running the uninstall program. Removing security software like McAfee is tricky though because of the tight integration with the operating system.
    Best possibility is to use System Restore to restore your configuration from before the uninstall.
    Another thing you can try is to start in Safe Mode (F8 key during boot) and then start a command prompt (type “cmd” at the Run option of the Start menu).
    Then type “sfc /scannow” and press the Enter key. This will check and correct your Windows system files.

  85. Deb Rothweiler on Mon, 4th Jan 2010 2:13 am
  86. I did the safe mode- and the same thing occurs- when I click on owner as part of the login, it logs me in and within 1 second logs me off. I have tried to login as the administrator but the same thing happens. I cannot access the control panel or anything else.

  87. jerry on Sun, 24th Jan 2010 8:33 pm
  88. After much work I finally got the serial number for Perfect Uninstaller (PU). However, PU did not do what is supposed to do… uninstall files from the C drive. I used PU to uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS. Once PU was done, Photoshop CS is no longer listed in my windows “Add/Remove” list of programs nor is it listed with the programs PU shows. However, Photoshop CS is everywhere else. It is stll in my list of programs via Start, then All Programs. It is also showing as a shortcut on my desktop. It is still listed as my default photo editing software… and Photoshop CS still opens. It is still in the program folder on my C drive. Basically, it is everywhere except in the list of programs under “Add/Remove” and the list that PU shows.

    So, now what do I do? Nothing PU said it would do has been done. How do I get all of the files on my C drive removed? I guess I could simply delete them but I could have done that without spending $35 on PU. Is there anyway to make PU finish the uninstall and remove the files from my C drive… and most likely my registery as well?

  89. jerry on Sun, 24th Jan 2010 11:26 pm
  90. Okay, I found that Perfect Uninstaller (PU) lets you right-click to perform a Forced Uninstall. However, when I did that on the Photoshop CS folder on my C drive it stated that I was using an unregistered version. I said what? I just registered it. Anyway, I entered my serial number again and an error message came up that said access not allowed. So, I used PU’s own uninstall to uninstall PU. Then, I reinstalled PU. But, while it was reinstalling, a message said that it is already installed and a folder on the C drive already exists. I said what? I just uninstalled it. Anyway, I clicked yes to use the same C drive folder. After installation I registered it by entering the serial number that came with my purchase. Now, I tried the right-click on the Photoshop CS folder on my C-drive and again, PU stated that it was unregistered. I have not spent this amount of time with a piece of software in 5 or more years.

    So, why does right-clicking say that my PU is unregistered and how do I get it to recognize that it is registered? Any help would be great.

  91. Anthony on Mon, 25th Jan 2010 4:42 pm
  92. @Jerry – It seems the program is not properly registered indeed. The best thing I can suggest is to uninstall the program, and then also delete the Perfect Uninstaller folder in the Program Files folder. That should ensure you can reinstall it and properly register it.
    The fact that Adobe CS is removed from the uninstall programs would happen if you used the “Clear It” option in Perfect Uninstaller, which removes the related registry entries, otherwise I cannot explain that as well.

  93. Chelsea on Mon, 22nd Mar 2010 10:06 pm
  94. I paid for perfect uninstaller and bought the extended warranty and it didnt do anything. I tried uninstalling corel 10 times and it would never work and take 20 minutes just to search for other files. I tried force install and every time I clicked it it just said to try the regular one first. I downloaded revo and it worked like a charm. I have been trying to get my money back since the day I downloaded it and perfect uninstaller keeps giving me the run around and has now all together started ignoring my requests. I am out &45 now and p*ssed. If anyone knows how to get my money back let me know!!!

  95. Tom on Mon, 31st May 2010 7:06 pm
  96. Perfect Uninstaller is a waste of time to download unless you are prepared to buy it.
    The downloaded software demo does nothing unless you’re willing and able to part with your money.

    As a disabled person living on very little money there is no way I can afford this,….(like anyone

  97. Bill Harris on Fri, 4th Jun 2010 12:09 pm
  98. Tom —

    Well, it makes a difference to me. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

    Fully-functioning trials prove a program’s worth, not useless demos.

    Thanks for the heads-up.


  99. ashkan on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 9:09 am
  100. dear friend
    i can’t find some installed softwares in the program list

    such as deep freeze. How can i remove it??

    plz help me

  101. saul on Sun, 12th Sep 2010 2:19 am
  102. I purchased perfect uninstaller on sept.7 and when I tried submitting the serial # sent to me, the message came on that it was an invalid serial #. I have sent them numerous emails since then to correct the situation, but I have gotten absolutely no response even though they state that they “promise” to respond within 24 hours. Sounds like a scam to me!

  103. Anthony on Sun, 12th Sep 2010 5:53 pm
  104. @saul – Unfortunately I have seen more complaints about this. Just do a chargeback on your credit card or ask paypal to refund it if you used that.
    Have a look at SecureUninstaller. Kyle reviewed that recently and it is a good alternative.

  105. Norm on Thu, 28th Oct 2010 2:00 am
  106. I tried this program…. to uninstall kaspersky 2010 anti virus program. it says it could do it… but it still left the hidden files the regular uninstall program left behind as well…. I found a different solution… BUT! when i went to uninstall Perfect Uninstaller.. The “Perfect Uninstaller” uninstaller said “some components have to be uninstalled manually”…then quit with no farther advice…Making me pause with worry! So the Perfect Uninstaller requires a better Uninstaller to remove it.. leaving me with the question.. What hidden files did it leave behind? and Why? Any insight?

  107. HisMusicNMe on Mon, 15th Nov 2010 12:10 am
  108. @Norm – So, what was your other solution to completely removing Kaspersky? I have a LEGACY_kilf folder in the registry that won’t let me delete it (a Kaspersky folder).

  109. Anthony on Mon, 15th Nov 2010 2:11 am
  110. @Norm / HisMusicNMe – A lot of antivirus software is very hard to remove. They also know it, so many provide removal tools to delete their software completely.
    Have you had a look at the Kaspersky removal tool?

  111. Cole Skinner on Fri, 25th Mar 2011 1:53 am
  112. Do not like “demo” or “freeware” programs that

    a) don’t tell me *before* the download if they’re going to hit me up for a charge later

    b) get my email address before telling me the’re going to hit me up for a charge following that stage of the registration

    c) don’t offer an uninstall option, making me add/remove

    d) then fail to uninstall themselves completely

    This program is total bs.

  113. Jeff Garon on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 11:54 pm
  114. You should check out AppRemover (, which is a free tool to completely uninstall security software such as antivirus and antispyware.

  115. terence on Sun, 19th Jun 2011 4:43 pm
  116. Saul
    My experience seemed not unlike yours. I paid for the full perfectUninstaller product but found the serial number provided for registration declared `invalid’. I emailed the company and the response apparently repeated the identical serial number asking whether I now recognised my mistake. I thought either I must be going mad or was the subject of an unpleasant scam – however I again followed instructions given although still unable to keep the product registration window on the screen when trying to `paste’ the serial number to it, I therefore once again transferred it manually only to get the same `invalid’ message.
    Now annoyed I again emailed the company expressing my now hopeless disillusionment – the email I got back was like the Damascene light, explaining everything
    It seems when transferring the serial number I’d failed to notice that the `O’ between four registration numbers was the capital letter `O’ not the number zero as I’d assumed – after making this simple adjustment the registration successfully completed and thereafter the product worked perfectly rapidly and successfully removing persistent discontinued Spyware left on my commuter.
    I’m now pleased with the product – why not consider this possibility Saul to solve your problem.

  117. Pamela on Mon, 27th Jun 2011 1:50 pm
  118. After numerous, unsuccessful attempts at removing Trend Micro Titanium, I purchased Perfect Unstaller. Not only did it remove some of the Trend Micro files, it removed key Windows 7 registry files rendering my computer unusable. It would lock up when loading. Unfortunately, I was forced to restore my computer back to “inbox” condition. Don’t buy this product!

  119. Anthony on Mon, 27th Jun 2011 4:21 pm
  120. @Pamela – Sorry to read about your experiences with the uninstaller software. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, antivirus software can be hard to remove since it integrates to tightly into the operating system.
    That is required to offer high levels of security, but makes it more difficult to uninstall.
    Have you had a look at the Trend Micro suggested method of uninstalling Trend Micro software?

  121. PG on Mon, 16th Jan 2012 2:20 am
  122. What a load of rubbish – keeps on crashing after registering – I now need an uninstall software to remove this “uninstall software”

  123. Anthony on Wed, 18th Jan 2012 9:19 am
  124. @PG – Sorry to read about your experiences. It is the first time I see that the program crashes though. But we reviewed version 5.7, and I see they are at version now. The most recent release of January 11, 2012 might have issues that we are not aware of.
    I would suggest you get in touch with the software vendor and give them your feedback.
    As mentioned in comment #4, we prefer SecureUninstaller over PerfectUninstaller after reviewing both.

  125. What are INF Files? And what do they do? on Tue, 26th Mar 2013 11:49 pm
  126. […] more information at […]

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